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— The Vision —

To connect more fully with the food we eat

Eatwell is more than a company. We're a community of people who live well, love delicious food, and do good things where we can. We use on- and off-line tools to tell stories and create experiences that support our vision.


Who danielle

Danielle Cohen Henriquez

It was a custard tart and a passion for Food for Good that made Danielle quit her office job and move to Lisbon. Her background in philosophy and impact investing shaped her vision for the business and its impact. She leads strategy, business development and built Eatwell's impact framework. In her afternoons and evenings you will find her on Eatwell's tasting tours or practising her salsa moves.

Who miguel

Miguel de Bragança

Miguel moved to Lisbon to learn how to code web apps and to build something good for the planet. When Danielle pitched him on a tool to help connect people to delicious, ethical restaurants, he knew this was the project he’d been looking for. Expanding on his background in marketing and startups, Miguel designed and coded the app with help from his amazing project team at the Le Wagon Lisbon. He co-conceptualized the Eatwell vision and contributed script-writing, marketing, and tour-guiding for Eatwell’s food tours.

Who rui

Rui Freitas

Rui is a full stack developer and Eatwell's interim CTO. As a lead teacher at Le Wagon, he has provided crucial technical expertise and leadership as we continue to develop the app. Whether moving our image storage or taking the time to fix little bugs that only show up once code is deployed to the staging server, Rui's attention to detail and optimization is first class. He is an avid traveler and photographer and true Ruby devotee. We love you, Rui <3


Who daniel

Daniel Bugge

Daniel is a React.js developer at Trendiamo. He has also spent time researching sustainable farming in Brazil and was drawn to the project as a way to create positive impact. He helped with backend development and built the impact tracking graph. With an academic background in geography and a passion for music, he dreams of creating sound maps of cities that display sonic frequencies in 3D.

Who mariana

Mariana Marcelino

Mariana is an independent communications specialist with a background in the film and travel industries. She contributed design, frontend development, deployment and restaurant recommendations. When not running campaigns for her rockstar clients, she can be found scuba diving in Southeast Asia, Africa, and beyond.

Who olya

Olya Yeremenko

Olya is a full stack web developer who escaped the Big Four accounting world to add technology to her palette. She took care of models and controllers in the app and all the pop-ups, thanks to her top-notch Javascript. She is currently teaching Ruby and Javascript at Le Wagon. In addition to coding, Olya paints and plays competitive tennis.

Who gaivao

Francisco Gaivão

Francisco is a communications strategist at Sumol + Comal and Eatwell’s most die-hard Benfica fan. Francisco brought a strong backend development and javascript game. You know those little hearts you can click on to “favorite” a restaurant? That was him. If you can’t find him, go the Bifanas stand across from Time Out market. He is likely there.

Who maria

Maria Castro

Maria supported Eatwell as a Business Development intern. She hunted restaurants, ginja bars and chef’s stories for the Eatwell guide and food tour. She then fell in love with the world of tech and start-ups and is now working as a software developer. She is a true history buff and foodie. On her weekends you will find her hosting group tastings around Lisbon, with a sprinkle of humour and sarcasm like only Maria has!

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